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To The Moon

by Popes Of Chillitown

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It’s a brand new day. And the choice is yours but you choose to complain. Now it’s all on the wane and all I see is sacrifice when I look inside your brain. It’s hard to say, why I put up with your shit when I’ve got problems aplenty. And now I’ve got yours too. But you don’t know how to empathise do you? I wanna run a mile when I see your perfect smile 20-20 vision on a mission plain and simple I. Am I in denial? Set my sights. Planets will align. 5 4 3 2 1 and away we go! I need your medicine. Why won’t you let me in? I don’t need more oxygen if I’m gonna save your soul. I wanna treat you right. I wanna chase the night down by the seaside watching the shooting stars. It’s a brand new task and all it requires is a little more class and a little more guile. Plus, I know I’ve got style; so much more than is required. So I dance dance dance at every party when I’m asked. Just stick another coin in my arse. And I’ve been a good boy for you. Now I think that this charade should be through. They said we couldn’t do it but we did it now we’re going to the moon. Away we go!
Mummy's Busy 03:19
We’ve lost sight of the important things cos we never take time to atone for our sins. Lose a grip of reality before life begins. And we bury our heads in our hands (oh no!) All we are is what we do and we still do it anyway. It’s a new attitude for the youth of today. Use it and abuse it. We throw it away. We can’t go on because this is wrong wrong wrong. Mummy’s not around cos far too busy for your bedtime song. Now computers kiss our children goodnight. This is all wrong. It’s a shame that we can’t atone for all of this shite. This is all wrong. Something’s going on! What I said to you...when will this fucking register? It’s the latest and greatest. Does more than just the basics. It’ll update your status in the book of faces. If we change places I’m sure no-one would even give a shite cos we all look the same these days. You never changed that much as time goes by. I still witness the bitterness and sorrow in your eyes. You used to run around without a care in the world. Now it’s round to mothercare with a pram for the baby girl. Don’t you despair, it’s the way of the world. So sad that an ipad can’t replace her dad.
OPOOM 04:56
What a waste of time. What a waste of energy. What a waste of space. Just look at his face. You can see he’s a fucking disgrace. Everybody that I come across wants to be the boss. They all want to run the world at any cost - that’s their loss. Too busy thinking about the problems of their micro-cosm - never going to solve them alone. Well everybody that I meet, they’re far too busy looking at their feet to ever notice me. What do I care? Should I beware of the awkwardness of the stare? Or should I just be flattered that they even know I’m there? Well the mandem them are struggling and it’s all around the world. People, yes them are hungry - why can’t you observe? It’s absurd, how little you’ve given to this life since your birth. What have you given? What the fuck do you deserve? Now we’re running round in circles trying to figure out where it all went wrong. Guess it was our logic that did desert us - now we just don’t get along. Something has to be done. Don’t insult my intelligence any more than your already have. Don’t you talk down to me like I’m a piece of dirt on your shoe. One day you’re gonna get yours this will all catch up to you. What a waste of life. They say they killed him twice because he lacked personality. Well what on earth would they do to me? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Every time I look in the mirror I get a glimmer of the man that this poxy-pervy world thinks that I am. Itemised by dilligent eyes - I drift into a vision of wishless individualism. The vandalism of the whole mind body and soul. Invisible forces that I’m unable to control, until I drift into the system I resist them with my all.
Impatient 03:26
I’m impatient and I ain’t got time to sit around waiting got an axe to grind. I wanna speak my mind (just like anybody might). Excuse me darling, I don’t mean to be impolite, but I need to know your reasons and seemingly, they’re nearly out of sight. Well I beg if I might... tell me now cos it’s about bloody time. Isn’t it a shame that we both have to resort to insults? Isn’t it a crime that yours are always better than mine? Why can’t we just find another way out like last time? Please can’t you just say “this is not the end”! Well you’re just a girl but you can’t stop looking at all the other boys and it makes me mad I wanna cry sometimes. Then I pick myself up and I fight. I don’t do it out of spite and I don’t think I’m always right but I might just be at least some of the time. And if you’re inclined; give me half a chance to say what’s on my fucking mind. Isn’t it a shame that we both have to resort to violence? Isn’t it a pity that our laughs descend into a silence? And I haven’t felt as bad as I do now for a long time. This has happened far too many times before. Only this time seems to hurt so much more.
Do you struggle for identity? Thinking about this world was never meant to be. See yourself as a seperate entity while lamentably, essentially, no empathy. Thinking your ability comes direct from divinity. Well your mental agility masks your internal fragilities from what I can see. And I’ve lived a life of civility but somehow some people think ill of me. They only see the villainy. This hostility and negativity is killing me. They’ve all got it in for me, lacking any kind of sympathy. There’s such disharmony cos they all wish harm on me. I’m holding back as best as I can pushed to the point but I’m an angry man. I’m holding back as best as I will pushed to the point where I just want to kill everyone. Starting with you. Pull, pull the mask down tight, so that I don’t have to see the slightest slither of light come to my eyes. This world is full of lies. I’m not buying it. Contribute to the community. You don’t have social immunity. Well until there’s a mutiny we’re all under scrutiny. So shut up and do your duty. Stop staring out of the window so vacantly. Stop hating upon the world so blatantly. Can’t you open up your heart so they can see the good that’s in you hidden away so latently? Stop being so uppity. Sit down and have a cup of tea. Can’t you live life subtly without life’s little luxuries? You were born in a first world country! Stop being so uppity. Your chat stinks, brush your teeth. You’re so utterly butters to me. And you were born in a first world country luckily.
Too Much 03:39
I’ve got too much love they say and I want to love it, love it all away and if you’re around me today then I might love you. I’ve got too much time they say and I want to waste it, waste it all away. If you want to waste some with me today then I might let you. Somehow I just don’t think that this is going to happen, no! I’ve got too much love you say, and you don’t want none from me today. Saying please please get away from me I don’t want you to love me. And I’ve got too much time you say I should u se it more diligently - doing things more productively that’s what you say. Yes, I know I’ve got a problem. You think I don’t already know? Yes I’m trying hard to fix it. But it’s so much harder on my own. I genuinely wish that you would help me... but no matter how hard I try - seems like it’s always a case of do or die with you and I. I smoke too much weed they say, smoke at least nine million zoots a day. Anything to take my brain away so I can’t pray wahallah. I drink too much alcohol cos it’s E&J brandy and a can of red stripe that fuels my soul. Anything to take the edge off make me feel out of control. I’ve had enough.
Otherside 03:44
Turning myself against all your friends. I try to feign interest - but I just can’t pretend. We go out at night. At least you do - I decline (most of the time). And you can’t understand why... Well it feels like I’m watching you from the other side of this life. I’m letting you slip away :( Well it feels like I’m watching you from the other side of this life. I’m letting you slip away :) You mutter on about another scuppered opportunity to hold hands in public. Well I have to say.. I really don’t understand. What’s your problem? Placing immediate importance on social media performance. Am I expected to post that I love your beans on toast the most? I don’t! I’m tired of making promises that I will never keep. In a battle of empty sentiments, I beat a hasty retreat. There was a kindness in your heart. There was a wisdom to impart. Now by and large you’re in charge. And you’re pulling everything apart. Getting it all wrong time and time again. I long to inspect, to correct, to ammend for the next time. Then again... I put my foot in my mouth. I never seem to sort it out. Now we’re both looking for a way out.
14 Time 03:39
We don’t even know how to play the kettle drum. Cha to the man who ask I say what’s going on Said I listened to ska since 1991. You weren’t born then no your life it had not begun. Sunday come with comfy slippers and the league of gentlemen. Relax with the chaps with my air max on. Checking about the weather on BBC1. This is not Kingston this is London, England. Over my dead body. I’ve got an existential view of the world in as much as man is judged by what he does but not his thoughts as well - cos no-one’s going to hell. Listen to your mother and listen to your father. Listen to philosophers like Jean-Paul Sartre. He knows what you’re after and he knows what a grafter is. He knows there’s nothing after this but the dark abyss. Got the secret to life I’m gonna keep it in my pocket. Got the keys to the city and tonight I’m gonna lock it. Tonight there’s no-one getting out of the LDN and no-one’s getting in again. 14 Time and we still carry on. Well the bass and the beats are good like Robin Hood and Maid Marian and Lee Scratch Perry would be proud of this one. Cos it’s a bubbling song.
Wisdom Teeth 05:43
I get violent every single time I leave the house. The red mist descends and I get my fists out. Your faults I could list them, well a man of my years and all my wisdom and I’ve seen it all before and I don’t mean to sound so boring. Did I end up bitter and twisted? I blame my flaws on the system. Out on the piss, I miss my kids. The truth is that I don’t give a shit. My brain is full of hate crimes from the mailonline.com and telly in the daytime. Anybody know if I’m joking? No! Habitual epiphanist, I get a bit Phil Mitchell when I raise my fists. Do as I say, but not as I do, cos you don’t know anything about nothing do you? I’m a cashlessness converter. When I’m on it, my wallet never heard of inertia. Dear Sir/Madam sit down, have a whip-around. I drink gin then I sing. This country’s going backwards. Why the fuck do I pay my taxes? I could be lying on my back just strapped to a mattress. When he answer the phone like “who dis?” My goodness, what’s with the rudeness! Champagne when I wanna. Gonna state my case with a face full of doner. Come the dawn of the morning it’s the same cos we all fall down the same way. Just wait til your father comes home and shows you the back of his hand. Cos he promises all that you are is nothing compared to a real man.
Hey You 04:31
Each night I crawl back out of bed, still trying to forget her or that we had ever met, but in trying to give it up all I seem to do is just give in. Every time and time again. I reach for the bottle in the cupboard cos it’s not like it’s locked away. No-one knows what I’m up to. Hey you I don’t like your attitude. Stand tall when the big man is talking to you. I told you before yes I told you already. Come on. Reaching for it again, well it started way back when. You laugh at suicide well I’m too tired to pretend. Tired of thinking it’s alright. Well it’s really not alright. I used to be the victim but I kicked it in. I was stick thin from drinking too much London gin. Wallowing in self pity was my heroin. Well feed me the needle and I’ll stick it in. You’ve got to get a little taste of what you hate just to make you know what you like. Make hay while the sun still shines in this life. Why can’t I live life by the rules? Cos it’s much less fun. But at least I’d get a few things done. Does it have to be so hard to concentrate even for a short while? I see why. What makes you sad well it makes me smile! I don’t live my life from a negative vibe. I’m a pessimistic misfit by design. But I decline to bitch and to whine. It’s an itch I don’t scratch bet you can’t picture that cos you stand for nothing and you fall for everything well there must be something better in this life than the hole that you’re buried in in the end.
Every Day 05:03
Once upon a time it was all you wanted. Now it’s all you hate. Self-inflicted victimisation, but this is what you crave. Tongue-tied when you look at me like ice. Chastised for not agreeing all the time. True say; when I cry, you don’t even wonder why. You’re throwing in the towel. You’re giving up. Think you’ve have enough, you cut me off, when I want you to say. But I won’t let you go. Just another night in the life of someone that you wish you weren’t. Find a little peace beneath the sheets, we emerge to a world that’s at war. You say you tried through the scars and the lies, now you’re tired when you look me in the eyes. Is there any reason why you decide when I die? So we can work this out. Or maybe not. It’s true that you said that one day we’d work this out. It’s true that you said that one day we would get out. Every day it takes away a little piece of you, if you stay living a way that doesn’t mean a thing to you. You’re on the spot. It’s time to die. Well tell me now what have you done with your life? We can work this out. Before we throw this all away. We’re just lambs to the slaughter. Say goodbye to your freedom.. Now you’re under control. It’s times like this that I don’t want to see a single soul in the world any more.


released May 15, 2015

Engineered by Steve Honest at Hackney Road Studios.
Produced/mixed by Jack Ashley.
Mastered by John Webber at Air Studios Mastering.
Artwork and design by Jess Davies.
All words and music by Popes Of Chillitown.


all rights reserved



Popes Of Chillitown London, UK

Popes of Chillitown play ska/dub/punk with a progressive edge. Impossible to tie down and with enough energy to power a small city, their songs drag you through punk, two-tone, rock, hip-hop, reggae, drum & bass, dub, metal and more.


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